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Old Flames, New Fires (April 2008 Rewind Series: Discovery, Camera, Spy, Witness)

Posted for the Rewind Series for April 2008: Spy, Witness, Camera, Discovery...

Title: Old Flames, New Fires
Pairing/Characters: Colby/OFC, David Sinclair
Rating: R (adult situations)
Word Count: 1186 Total (290, 300, 296, 300)
Summary: Colby has a date.
Spoilers: None (at this point, the show has been off the air for 10 years.) Includes pre-series memories.
Notes/Warnings: I haven't posted in the Numb3rs fandom in over 5 years. I haven't posted fic of any kind in a year and a half. A friend of mine challenged me to join the Get Your Words Out Challenge this year to help get me back to writing. One of the challenges I gave myself was to finish something from my "Unfinished Fic" folder. This drabble series has been sitting there untouched for 6 years. So, I sat down and finished it. Originally it was over 1800 words and I whittled the hell out of it. No beta. Here we go. :)
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, regrettably - it's not mine.

Old Flames, New Fires (at my writing journal on dreamwidth.org)

Rebuilt (#387 Doctor #471 Bother #138 Reunion #384 Associate #345 Spouse #2 Starting Over)

Title: Rebuilt
Author: ladygray99
Fandom: Numb3rs
Rating: G
Prompt: #387 Doctor #471 Bother #138 Reunion #384 Associate #345 Spouse #2 Starting Over
Characters/Pairings: Don/Larry, Charlie, Nikki
Word count: 1100
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Summary: Don has crawled up the academic ladder and into the next phase of his life.
Notes: Part of the Rescue Me Series. This is the first anything I’ve written since I honestly don’t know when. 2020 is such a trash heap. Remember when we thought 2016 was the worst? Anyways I hope you all are well.
Beta: none (and I’m so tired)

(The Committee (387 Doctor))

(Doctor Eppes (471 Bother))

(Leaving Insurance (138 Reunion))

(A Question (384 Associate))

(Considerations (345 Spouse))

(Early Morning Lectures (2 Starting Over))