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Office Furniture (#330 Chair, irena_adler, Matt Li/David Sinclair, PG)

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Jan. 16th, 2017 | 10:37 pm
posted by: irena_adler in numb3rs100

Title: Office Furniture
Characters: Matt Li, David Sinclair
Rating: FRT, PG
Summary:  Matt feels taken for granted.
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #330 Chair
Warning: Pre-slash
Note: This was written for 2017 New Year's Mini-Round, using the prompts "blush, meetings" and the kink "Attention (singling someone out; treating someone specially in front of others; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it; observing, studying, or analyzing someone to understand them)."

Office Furniture

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